Flinch Forward was born from the belief that Men and Women of purpose, must give back. We have no choice. We were forged in the Warrior Values of purpose and mission and that purpose and mission is who we are, not what we do.

We give, and sacrifice for many reasons. Some of those reasons are selfish and have to do with dealing with our own post traumatic stress. But we refuse to believe that we have a disorder. Instead, we use that stress to our advantage and turn it from stress to success. We believe in Post Traumatic Success Development.

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Flinch Forward founder Adam Shake served in Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Panama, Somalia and Bosnia as well as several tours in Conus and Europe. He served as the TSA Command Center Program Manager after 9/11 and currently works in Economic Development.

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David LaSalle is a retired USAF LtCol with combat/humanitarian deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Rwanda/DROC and multiple long tours in both Germany and France. David was an Asst Prof of Political Science at the USAF Academy and met his bride Alix, also a retired USAF LtCol, while they were both serving as Asst Air Attaches at the US Embassy in Paris. David & Alix own the Rocky Mountain Health Club.


Ken Zornes is a US Army Veteran and current Town of Estes Park Town Board Trustee. He has held leadership positions on a number of different Boards, and was elected to three terms on the Board of Trustees for the Dallas Independent School District, including two terms as Board President. He currently serves on the Transportation Advisory Board, the Learning Place Board, the Hospital Foundation Board and he is a member of the Sunrise Rotary and the League of Women Voters. He is also a member of American Legion Post 119. 

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Ryan Utz is an Army veteran, with ten years of active service and multiple combat tours. A former EMT, he is currently a fire fighter with the Glen Haven Volunteer Fire Department.


Gloria Utz is a US Army veteran with six years of active duty. She served in two humanitarian missions: Operations Provide Comfort in Iraq/Turkey and, Restore Hope in Somalia. She and her husband, Ryan live in Glen Haven and love the spending time with their daughter and animals.