The hurt of one is the hurt of all.
The honor of one is the honor of all.

Warrior societies have been with us for thousands of years and have played an integral part in protecting, serving and caring for the community they were in.  Because of this, much was expected of them and each other as well.  Individual warriors not only expected, but demanded more from themselves than their comrades and the communities they were charged with serving, protecting and caring for did.

Warriors must be prepared and ever ready before they are called on, and live their daily lives as warriors.  Out of this, comes the warrior culture.  The warrior culture is a philosophy, ethos, creed and principle that instructs and informs the warrior in the ways that were ‘good’ and honorable, as well as the ways that were not.  It is in this spirit that the warrior philosophy of Flinch Forward is created and forged.

Flinch Forward, like that of a warrior society, provides an anchor of purpose and meaning,  and a way to walk in honor.  This is healing for those needing to be healed, and challenging to those  looking for a sense of who they are through knowing clearly where they stand and what they stand for.

The warrior philosophy of Flinch Forward is committed to the inherent dignity of walking a path and living a life that gives much, and demands much. It addresses individual growth and thriving as a warrior as well as meaningful service to one’s community.  Because the Flinch Forward warrior philosophy is also about warriors challenging each other as a “tribe” and warrior society, there is a focus on camaraderie also.   

Warriors strive daily to be greater than their environment, greater than their current circumstances, their past, their emotions, and patterns of negative thinking.  It is a “can do”  mindset that pursues progress - not perfection - along with an attitude of getting up, standing firm, doing, and being.  The warrior mindset is not one of comfort but survival.  It pushes forward and pulls in whatever is needed to complete any given mission. 

This mindset works continuously to discipline and train body, mind, heart and spirit in order to maintain a state of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual readiness. It also maintains a capacity to co-create with others what is required, whether they be an individual, a team, or the community. 

Building, maintaining, and walking a life of honor, meaning, mission and purpose is the core of the Flinch Forward warrior philosophy.  It is designed for those who wish to make a difference in themselves, the lives of others, and in the larger community.