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If you are an Active Duty or Veteran US Military or First Responder, you are eligible for membership in Flinch Forward. 

Time in service doesn't matter. Period of service does't matter. You've flinched forward and deserve what we have to offer. Your $22.00 symbolic membership fee will help sustain this organization and to fund our Post Traumatic Success Development Project.

When you join Flinch Forward, we will send you a Flinch Forward Membership Card which can be used for discounts at participating businesses as well as a list of those current businesses.


Support Battalion

You don't have to have served, in order to serve. 

By investing in Flinch Forward with a monthly or one time gift, you allow us to respond, train and help others in our community.  A steady stream of support allows us to deploy more veterans and and first responders when resources are needed. 

By Flinching Forward with your support, you are personally invested in our mission. As such, we try to make sure you’re up-to-speed on all of our operations and organizational updates. And thank you for YOUR service!

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Not interested in becoming a member but would like to donate? 100% of donations go directly to supporting Flinch Forward members and the community. Your support is deeply appreciated!

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