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Flinch Forward Right now and help continue the mission of serving our communities

Upon joining and paying your symbolic $22.00 membership dues, you'll be sent a membership card which will entitle you to discounts at these supporters of Flinch Forward.

Why do we call our membership dues "symbolic?" We knew that in order to sustain Flinch Forward and support our Post Traumatic Success Development programing, we needed to charge a membership fee, but we wanted it to be small enough so that anyone could afford it. At the same time, we (and the world) know that 22 veterans commit suicide everyday in the United States. We believe that those who've given up their post and ended their lives, do so because they believe their mission in this life has ended. At Flinch Forward, we believe that as warriors, our mission doesn't end when our tour of duty does. Thank you to the following businesses that support our mission by supporting our members. 

Anthony at Antonio's Real New York Pizza is offering Flinch Forward members, 10% off their order. 1-970-586-7275 or click the Pie to go to their website.


Estes Park Yoga is here to help rejuvenate your body, refresh your mind, and encourage growth both on and off the mat. 

No need to sign up, just drop-in to one of our classes. The studio is located on the second floor of the Park Place Mall, across the street from the Wheel Bar. We look forward to practicing with you.

Flinch Forward member get a 30% discount on a drop-in class from Estes Park Yoga.

Mary says "During the hour session we will step into your dreams together. You’ll need a copy of your dreams and you may want a notepad. As we explore I will be asking a lot of questions to get underneath the surface of the dream. I’ll ask you to feel into certain parts of the dream. This is the heart of dreamwork where many, oftentimes surprising, places open up for the dreamer. It can be joyful, loving, frightening, sad, challenging, laugh out loud funny…and always self revealing."

25% all Dreamwork with Practitioner Mary Jo Heyen for Flinch Forward members.



Riverspointe Spa opened in May of 2008, as a sacred space for healing in the Rocky Mountains.  Estes Park is an exceptionally healing place to be, and many people travel here year after year to recharge their mental and emotional batteries, relax, and let go of stress in their lives.  Riverspointe Spa is a natural extension of this, and is designed with the intention of lowering your blood pressure, and soothing your nerves from the minute you walk in the door to the scent of essential oils, soothing music, and a welcoming smile.10% off all Spa Services at Riverspointe Spa.

RMHC is dedicated to providing a world-class venue for those living in or visiting the Estes Valley to prepare themselves for adventure, accomplishment, recreation and enjoyment of this extraordinary place.

RMHC offers 30% off a 1 day pass at Rocky Mountain Health Club. Also, Disabled Veteran with honorable discharge and at least 30% disability: Free.  Must present DD214 and documentation of VA disability rating.