Every warrior has a next mission. We know that the transition to civilian life is a journey. And for every warrior, family member, and caregiver, that journey looks different.

We are here for their first step, and each step that follows. Because we believe that every warrior should have a positive future to look forward to. There’s always another goal to achieve, another mission to discover and another way to Flinch Forward. We are their partner in that mission.

We are Mission Oriented.

We help our Brothers and Sisters.

We give back to our Communities.

We are Leaders.


Flinch Forward is an organization for Military Veterans and First Responders who are ready, willing and able to flinch forward in times of need.

Flinch Forward was born from the belief that Men and Women of purpose, must give back. We have no choice. We were forged in the Warrior Values of Purpose and Mission and that purpose and mission is who we are, not what we do.

We give, and sacrifice for many reasons. Some of those reasons are selfish and have to do with dealing with our own post traumatic stress. We try to balance the scales by creating a life bigger than ourselves. We give of ourselves. We raise money. We mentor. We build things. We fix what is broken. Because we must. It's who we are. It's not what we do. 

What do we know about ourselves?

We know that life must have, and does have a higher purpose. We know that each of us is part of that higher purpose. We know that by giving back, we save our lives and the lives of those around us. We've all seen the news stories and videos of people just like you and me that have fallen into harms way and have been left while others look on, not knowing what to do or how to react. We are the ones who protect and defend. We are the ones who surge forward when someone falls. We are the ones who listen to radios and jump in our cars when there is a home on fire. We are the ones who stand between the victims and the bullies and say "Not in my lifetime." We Flinch Forward in times of chaos instead of flinching backward.  When we see an organization struggling to make a difference, we raise money. When we see a trail that needs to rebuilt, we take our shovels and get it done. 

What does the world know about us?

We are you. We are your Sons and Daughters. We are your Grandparents and your Grandchildren. We are your Husbands and Wives. We are your Fathers and Mothers. We are... you.

How do we want to be known?

We will be known for what we do, and not for what we say.

What makes us unique?

We are not a vacation model nonprofit.  We are dedicated to providing an ongoing mission to warriors, a way of life that reflects our core beliefs in service, camaraderie and unrelenting personal growth.  This is why Flinch Forward is unique - members give back to their communities while forging a lifelong support network.  Supporters of Flinch Forward support those who support them.